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Vaccum Lifter || Pro || Bag || GRABO

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Grabo Pro – With Digital Display and Bag

The Grabo Pro With digital display – With Bag, can lift uneven and porous materials. It removes all uncertainty with its battery-powered vacuum lifter. We all know about suction cups and the accompanying uncertainty that comes with their use. Will it last today as well and have I cleaned the surface well enough? Grabo Pluss removes all uncertainty with its battery-powered vacuum lifter. With a thick gasket, up to 170 kg negative pressure and the ability to suck on uneven surfaces,

What makes Grabo Pluss reliable is that you hear quickly whether it has a grip or not due to a change in frequency when it sucks. Grabo Pluss – unlike Grabo Pro, will not turn off automatically when it reaches the desired pressure but rather work until you turn it off. The reliability is the same, but you will have to listen to the compressor run continuously, or at least until you choose to turn it off yourself- the battery will thus have to be charged more often. There is a small manometer on the side of the handle that you can follow, but you should have a lot of experience with different types of materials before you turn off the grabo when lifting.

If you have extra porous or uneven surfaces, it will lose negative pressure faster than on smooth surfaces such as glass and steel, and then it may have to work continuously regardless. Fortunately, this is not a problem as it has 90 minutes of battery life and you have to carry a lot before those minutes are used up! If the light starts flashing, the battery will soon be empty and must be charged. Charging time is 2 hours. If you want to lift things with Grabo Pluss with for example a winch, it is equipped with 4 lifting hooks. Use 2 lifting hooks if you lift vertically and 4 if you lift horizontally to get an even load on the Grabo.

How is the GRABO Plus under usage?

  • Clean the area where the Grabo is to be attached.
  • There is a filter in front of the vacuum pump.
  • The absorbency is also improved.Press the green button. The display quickly shows whether it has a hold or not. You can follow how much negative pressure it manages to create.
  • Wait until the pressure is max. Then it has good thanks. If the material is uneven or porous, you must consider whether it is possible to lift it or not based on how much it manages to absorb. When finished, press the green button to stop the vacuum pump and the red button to release the pressure.

What is included?

  • Grabo Plus
  • Tanos Systainer M187 in Dark Gray
  • Battery Battery charger
  • Rubber gasket on Grabo 2 extra filter sets

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Weight 2500g
Dimensions 32 x 20 x 16 cm


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