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A warranty is a promise from a maker, importer or a salesperson that will give you rights extending the already existing rules. We will either give you the same guarantee as the law gives you, and sometimes we will give you a better one. 

THE Hammerstroke shall in no event be liable for death, injuries to persons og property, or for incidental, contingent, spesial, or consequential damages arising from the use of our products. In other words, if any accident, damage, injury etc. should happen to anyone or anything using our goods we and/or our suppliers will not be responsible for anything. 

B.A.S.H €1000 Guarantee

WILTON B.A.S.H® Striking Tools with Unbreakable® Handle Technology are quite simply the most durable on the market, outperforming wood and fiberglass handled hammers strike after strike. We are so confident in the WILTON B.A.S.H® Unbreakable® Handle Technology that for 2 full years after purchase, break the handle under normal wear and tear and receive €1,000. This guarantee is for European residents only and only valid of the B.A.S.H hammer is purchased from us. 

THE Hammerstroke will pay you €1,000 in cash if the handle of a B.A.S.H® hammer you own breaks (severs) during normal use within two years after the date of purchase. This payment is in lieu of any other remedy for a product defect you may have, including breach of any other express or implied warranties. The B.A.S.H® €1,000 Guarantee does not apply to breakage that results from use of the hammer other than as a hand-held striking tool, nor to defects involving the hammer head, including but not limited to, separation of the head from the handle or head breaking.

The B.A.S.H striking tools can be used in negative celsius, but the B.A.S.H €1000 Warranty does not apply then. The standard laws apply in thoose settings.

We do not recommend using the B.A.S.H Dead Blow Hammers in negative celsius as the rubber in the head can crack.


How to Make a Claim

The tool/goods must be returned for examination, postage prepaid by you, to a location designated by us. You must provide proof of initial purchase date, and an explanation of how the tool brooke must accompany the merchandise.

Please send warranty claim with images to support your warranty claim to warranty@thehammerstroke.com.