Win Tools!

THE Hammerstroke love to test new tools and we open our arms up for new tools/inventions on the marked. Is there a product you think we should have for sale do not hessitate to contact us. We are mostly looking for tools that are new on the European marked.

If we start selling your suggestion within 12 months of contact – We will send you a free sample! The tools must have a retail price under 1500€, if it is over we will give you an 1500€ discount on the product.

Please add documentation or experiances you may have hade with the product!


Email to –

Looking forward to hearing from you


Thank you!


The competition does not count if we already have knowledge of the product or sell other products from the same brand/distributor


Previous Winners!


TSO – Guide Rail GRS 16

How Far Out

Martinez Tools

YetiTool – SmartBench