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Yes, it hurts!

At THE Hammerstroke we think tools should be produced to last. Part of the joy of working in the shop or on site is using good tools that last. Who hasn’t been frustrated when a cheap tool breaks!?

As a concept, we do not want to sell products of lower quality. Do you want cheap? Sure, you can get cheap, but not here. This is where “Yes, it hurts” comes in to play. Buying expensive tools does hurt. You’ve worked hard for you money and now they are leaving you, but as Benjamin Franklin so eloquently said; 

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Who we are

Kristian Magnus Youngblom
(Oldest brother)

Founder of THE Hammerstroke (legal: Hammerslaget AS). Worked as a carpenter for 7 years before he quit in order to work full time with THE Hammerstroke.

Started doing everything, but now he deals with international distributors and retailers and maintains contact with their trusted suppliers. 

Karl Oskar Youngblom
(Youngest brother)

Karl is a mechanical engineer and joined the company in 2017. Was faced with the option of being a co-partner and joining then, or never again getting the opportunity. The choice was simple.

Responsible for pictures, social media, sending packages and inventory. If you visit the store he’ll be the tall and skinny guy. You’ll often see him joking around on some kind of Instagram reel.

A short history

 – Kristian Magnus Youngblom started importing tools and selling from his garage in 2014. This was while he still was operating his own carpenter company. It startet like so many other companies have done before – in a garage.

 – Winter of 2016 it came to the point where operating both companies was to much. Working 100% percent is just too much, especially with a family. He then quit working as a carpenter and began concentrating on THE Hammerstroke.

– Fall of 2017 the company had grown out of the garage and in to new locations. The same time Karl Oskar Youngblom (younger brother and a mechanical engineer) joined the company to strengthen the team.

– Learning by doing. 2018 was characterized by trying to find our place in the world of tools.

– August 2019 our first custom made store launched in Drammen – Norway.

– Desember 2019 THE Hammerstroke is launched as an international website. People from all over Europe can enjoy our quality tools. 

– May 2021 THE Hammerstroke Legendary Premium store opens up in Lierskogen, Norway – this marks the end for the store in Drammen and the beginning of a new and epic chapter for THE Hammerstroke.

– In 2021 THE Hammerstroke also hired two more guys to help with the increasing amount of orders and work. 

– 2022 came and went. Began prioritizing international distribution to retailers and distributors. Got rights to distribute 7 brands in Europe. Attended International Hardware Fair in Cologne. 

– Attended National Hardware Fair in Italy in May 2023. Hired 1 guy to work with the SmartBench. Launch a new website June 1st.