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We welcome ambassadors!

Hi and thanks for being interested in becoming an ambassador.

We take our products seriously and expect our ambassadors to do the same. For that simple reason, we have set forth some simple guidelines for ourselves when we will be deciding who we want to have as an ambassador.

You will..

  • … have a genuin interest in tools.
  • … have at least 1 follower. We don’t require thousand upon thousands, but we will look at each potential ambassadors plattform and evaluate it and it’s potential.
  • … have bought several tools from us.
  • … ALWAYS be honest and transparent about our tools. If you are our ambassador we don’t ever want people to think that we pay you to say nice things, because we won’t ever do that.
  • … follow the rules and regulations set forth by your social media platform.
  • … live in Europe.
  • … not ask about becoming one.

As an ambassador you will…

  • … receive your own personal log-in with special pricing just for you.
  • … be a part of our trusted community.
  • … help inspire others to make good choices when they buy tools.
  • … occasionally receive free items.