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Occidental Leather®

Since 1980, Occidental has set the quality standard in the tool belt industry. They offer a huge variaty in leather and nylon tool belts as well as tool bags and vests. Purchase anything from Occidental Leather® and you will not regret.

Handmade in the USA!


Wilton Tools

The legend of Wilton Tools begins in 1941 and after 78 years, the original bullet vise is still the largest selling industrial vise in the marketplace and many people dream about having a USA made bullet from Wilton. Even though they are mostly known for their vises, Wilton also offer some seriously good clamps and the world’s most durable sledge hammers. 


Viking Arm

Viking Arm was founded in February 2018 to develop and commercialise Viking Arm’s patented jack. An innovative precision tool for professional tradesman. It was clear early on that Viking Arm would be made with high quality materials without any compromising. This has meant considerable work in testing and verification of design, material choices, etc., and has resulted in a product of very high quality. 



Tool creator Mark Martinez (designer and originator of the first Titanium Hammers) brings to the market tools in top quality and design, featuring top of the line concepts and materials. 100% made in the U.S.A. If you own a Martinez Tool you definitely have bragging rights on the job site!  

Embrace the new era of tools. Get a Martinez Tool today.

48 Tools

48 Tools is a family owned company run by Darren and Annette, out of Brisbane, Queensland. Thir first product has been the 18V battery holders. We are looking forwards to more cool stuff from them!

Yeti Tool

Yeti Tools

Over the years, Yeti Tool has been responsible for bringing a number of different engineered products to the market. From directional drilling equipment to the birth of 3D printers for the masses.

Knowing that most people who want a large format CNC-router either can’t afford one or don’t have the space for it, Yeti designed the worlds first industrial quality CNC-router that can be set up in just 3 minutes and can be stored in surprisingly small places. 

Yeti’s adventure has just begun. Made in England!


TSO Products®

TSO Products® engineer, manufacture and distribute innovative precision products. Everything delivered by TSO is super accurate and looks great. 

Mostly known for their patented Guide Rail Squares that fits Festool®, Makita® and Triton® tracks. 

Made in the USA!


The world’s most durable line of striking tools with Unbreakable® Handle Technology, revolutionary design, no-slip grip and trademark green head. With a total of 63 different sizes you will always be able to find the right striking tool for your needs. In Europe we offer a €1000 guarantee for any Wilton B.A.S.H purchased from us. See Warranty Page for more information.

Made in Mexico!

Hardcore Hammers

Two brothers with more than 30 years experience as carpenters and woodsmen decided to improve something as simple as the hammer. Their own patented hammer front will outperform any other milled front on the market. They have also gone on to making awesome hatchets and axes and will continue making high quality tools!

Made in the USA!

Stiletto Tools

Stiletto Tool Company proudly traces it’s history to the earliest days of the California Gold Rush. Since that time, they have provided professionals, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers the tools that have literally shaped the building of the West. Today, Stiletto’s line of Titanium striking tools continues that tradition into the 21st Century.


A Norwegian carpenter invented a heat sleeve for sealants. As a tradesman he experienced the pain of trying to get cold sealant and glue out from their tubes when the temperature dropped. Being an entrepreneur he started creating what is now known as Softwork® Sealant Heater – the patented sleeve for your sealant gun. 

We are looking forward to more products coming from Softwork®!


VATERSKRUEN® and LEVELFIX™ are registered trademarks for a patented screw system that makes installing windows fast and easy with optimal precision.The screw was developed in 2010 by two Norwegian building contractors.

CMT Orange Tools®

The CMT Orange Tools® brand is known throughout the world woodworking community as the premium brand of woodworking cutting tools. The CMT mission is to continually improve their quality while offering the woodworking world the finest quality at affordable prices.

Our customers are very satisfied with CMT!

Swanson ToolCo

The one and only Speed Square. Swanson originated the Speed Square in 1925 and own the name. They have produced Speed Squares for over 90 years and have since 1971 also added other products to their selection.

Made in the USA!


CT1 specialize in high quality and exclusive problem solving products. CT1 is a sealant and construction adhesive that replaces numerous products from just one tube. It is widely recognized as the ultimate development in bonding and sealing, and offers a unique adhesion on virtually any material, without the need for additional fixings.

CT1 is know as The Snag List Eliminator!

Collins Tool Co.

Collins Tool Company is a maker of unique and innovative tools designed by and for professional woodworkers.

Hand tools for finish carpenters. Tighter joints. Quicker production.

Profiler+ – The ultimate scribing tool

Profiler+ is created by a fellow tradesman who understood the demands and challenges of interior installations. Profiler was born out of a need to create the right tool for the job. 

The Profiler is a well thought out, fit for purpose scribing tool. Developed from firsthand experience and is now an important part of many peoples toolkit.

Shoulder Dolly®

Industry leader in Lifting and Moving Straps for the Commercial and Retail Market. The ShoulderDolly® is the best selling Moving Strap in the USA.

Most people will need a set of these quite often. Buy now and save your back in the future. You only have one body, take care of it!

Coilhose® Pneumatics

Coilhose® Pneumatics has been manufacturing high quality pneumatic accessories for professionals and serious hobbyists since 1969. They are the manufactures of the brilliant CoBlo Coupler.

– CoBlo™ is a high quality six ball coupler with a built in blow gun!


Founded as a family company in 1957, the backbone of Piher’s business ever since has been the design and the manufacture of clamping tools. Their products are of good quality and are destined for the rigorous professional sector that demands both reliability and durability.


Ulf Nilson, a Swedish carpenter and inventor, started the Bitmag journey in 2014. Bitmag is a simple but practical product to help you be more efficient on the job site when using drill bits. It is his first finished product, but hopefully there are more products in the future.

Made in Sweden!



Since 1923, the Estwing family and its employees have taken pride in designing and manufacturing durable, comfortable and attractive striking tools. 

Red Gorilla

Red Gorilla – Tubtrugs

Tubtrugs® make the best two-handled, super-flexible, ultra-durable tub on the planet. And they will not rest in theire efforts until every man, woman and child on the planet has hold of one. Tubtrugs®— Use Them For Everything!


Since their appearance in the market in 1962, the woodworking machines and tools from Virutex have achieved a well earned reputation for quality, robustness and reliability.

Gorilla Gripper

Gorilla Gripper

Landon Innovations’ niche is the creation of unique hand tools and related products for Construction Workers, Carpenters, Woodworkers, Sheet Metal Workers and Do-it-Yourselfers that simplify their tasks and preserve the safety of their backs and limbs in the performance of their work.


Established in 2001, Easy Innovations Ltd is a privately owned & self-funded company specialising in the design, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of exciting & innovative property improvement and maintenance products.