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Good question. I thought we did. Send us an email, and we’ll look into it. The whole world should be available.

I’m so sorry. You missed out on so much fun!! We are a Norwegian tool store. You can read more about us on our, you guessed it, About Us page. 

All the goods we sell are sent from our store in Norway. 

  • All end users (B2C, private individuals) world wide: Your final price in the shopping cart will be your total cost. Read more about that on our International Shipping site. We’ve tried to make it super easy for you as a customer. 
  • All businesses: You will pay us for the goods excluding taxes, duties and customs. After we ship the goods, you will receive an invoice from DHL for customs, duties and VAT (taxes). Read more about the on our International Shipping page.

Yes you can. Do note you need to let us know that you want to return the item within 14 days and that we do not cover return postage. Read more about shipping and returns on our International Shipping page.

Of course. We know the pain of being a small company without financially strong partners and would love to see more local inventors get their product on the market. We don’t necessarily want suppliers with the most articles, but with the best and most innovative products.

We have created a page for people like you. It basically says that we’ll give you the tool you suggest for free if we start selling it within 12 months. Conditions apply! Read more about that on our dedicated Win Tools page. 

No, we do not have that. Some companies prefer to set a higher price to be able to give discounts to their customers. We have chosen to have the same, reasonable price for everyone instead.

Anything is possible 🙂 

Norwegian customers: Order EHF in the checkout with Svea. 

Rest of world: PDF’s will soon be available to download from your customer log-in our our website. The system won’t make old orders available, but new ones. Contact us to receive a copy of your invoice.  

If you live in Norway, Sweden or Finland we can offer credit on our website through Svea. 

Rest of world: Sorry, not at the moment.

That’s not a problem. Send us an email and we’ll take it from there.