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And when you do, make sure to use the correct email address. It makes it a lot easier to give you the fastest and best costumer service.

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General questions:

Send us an email @

Phone: (+)47 996 48 552

You are welcome to give us a phone call with your inquires, but please have in mind that we follow UTC +1 (Oslo) and might be closed. Your email will most likely be answered within a couple business hours, and in some cases up to 24 hours later.


If you would like to return a product, please read our returns policy and give us an email BEFORE you send the item. It’s just so much better for the both of us.

For returns use

Want to win some tools?

Email us with your suggestion of tool that we should sell and it can be yours – for free! Read more about that here.

Anyways, you can use our special email for that:


We strive to only sell tools that you won’t have to use the warranty on, but hey, even the best tools can have a bad day!

Please read our Warranty page and email us with your claim. If you include a photo and a description of what happened and what’s wrong it will  be easier to give you a good response.

You can use this email for that purpose: