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Badger Belt || Black

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SKU: BG-BeltBK-Varia

Product Information

Badger Belt – Please read this for size

To ensure you get the belt that will offer you the most flexibility, it’s important that you read and follow these instructions. DO NOT base your choice on your pants size. Take a string or tape measure and measure snugly where you plan to wear your tool belt. Belts are typically worn on the hips. This area tends to be wider than where your pants sit. For example, let’s say you wear a size 33” waist jeans. But if you measure, you might get a 37” around your hips, where you like to wear your tool belt. Keep in mind your working conditions. If you work outside in all seasons, layers will increase your circumference.

When reading the Belt Sizing Guide, please do not go below minimum size.

Belt Sizing Guide

  • Small – 79 to 89 cm  (31″ to 35″)
  • Medium – 89 to 99 cm (35″ to 39″)
  • Large – 99 to 109 cm (39″ to 43″)
  • X-Large – 109 to 119 cm (43″ to 47″)
  • XX-Large – 119 to 130 cm (47″ to 51″)

For smaller or larger sizes, please contact us or Badger Toolbelts directly.

Extra information

The belt pad is 5 cm shorter than the minimum length which means that in order to fit the buckle and be able to tighten the belt as much as you want, you can’t go below the minimum size. You need those extra 5 cm to be there. That being said, you can go above the “maximum” size. If you go above the maximum size you will have the pads stop further apart and you will force the pouches further back.
For example: If you are a size 104 cm you can use a Medium or a Large. If you go for the smaller size, a Medium in this case, the pouches will be further back. If you go with size Large, the pouches will be closer to the front since the pads will end closer to the middle.


Weight 100g
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 10 cm


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