Portable Garbage Can || Kwickan || 120-200 L

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USD 40 excl. tax

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Portable Garbage Can || Kwickan || 120-200 L

USD 40 excl. tax

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Kwickan Portabel Garbage Bag Holder – 120 to 200 litres

Once you have tried one you will never use any thing else!

Keep your workspace clean and tidy with Kwickan. Simply fold the Kwickan and insert it into a garbage bag (120 – 200 L). When the bag is full you pull Kwickan out and use it again. Kwickan stores flat and takes minimal amount of storage space. You can easily have 20 Kwickans at work and you will have no problem transporting or storing them. Stack 500 on a pallet, and you have still have less than 1 meter in height.

Kwickan can be used indoors and outdoors, in hot and cold temperatures. Perfect for construction sites, garden work, offices, events, DIY projects, sports teams, religious gatherings, public demonstrations or any other place you use and should use standard garbage bags.


  • Kwickan protects the bags from tearing.
  • No more sloppy garbage bags laying on the ground!
  • Stores flat.
  • Use it anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to wash and keep clean
  • Fits “anywhere”. Slides behind shelf when not in use or stacked on a pallet
  • Use it again and again and again
  • Efficiency in handling garbage

Typical usage:

  • Have one next to your chop saw for all your firewood and cut offs
  • Building sites
  • Yard work. Fill with dirt, grass or leaves
  • Make a recycling station with 3-6 sheets.
    • Sort wood, plastic, sealant and glue, glass, metal, organic, paper etc.
  • Concerts and social events
  • Exhibitions and market places
  • Anywhere you use a garbage bag – The usages are limitless

Kwickan can be used over and over again. Does not rust, chip or break. A must have for your work and home.

120 cm x 71 cm
Only 1.8 mm thick

If you want larger quantities it’s recommended to purchase them in bulk due to shipping size.



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Weight 1500 g
Dimensions 75 × 20 × 20 cm

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